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The Drip FAQ  -  31-01-2002  -  Jarl Van Katwijk

0. What is Drip doing on my system?

-: Read the log in ~/.drip/drip.log or enable debug logging in the GUI

1. Having problems with older versions of Drip

-: Dont use that version, use latest.

2. ../depcomp: No such file or directory

-: The file depcomp is a link, and it's probably not right for you. (/usr/share/automake/depcomp). Remove and replace.

3. checking for dvdcss_read in -ldvdcss... no

-: Link  libdvdcss.so.0 to libdvdcss, and run ldconfig.

4. videoencoder.h,  avifile.h, aviplay.h, etc not found

-: Install avifile, use the lastest recommended version (by the avifile project), not just the latest cvs version.

5. dvdread/dvd_reader.h, dvdread/ifo_types.h, dvdread/ifo_read.h, etc not found

-: Install libdvdread.

6. Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0xXXXX)

-: We put a lot of effort into making Drip thread save , but there're still some bugs. Either supply us with a detailed bug report or hope somebody else finds it.. Try rerunning Drip.

7. Encode mpeg video to divx

-: dripencoder {filename} or with the GUI 'Select MPEG'

8. The generated .avi has no index.

-: When you broke the encoding process this is normal. Some people seem to get headerless avi's when the encoding process ended normally as well. We're still looking how to fix this one. Try using a different version of avifile. Please send us info when you found some.

9. cannot find the library `/usr/lib/libSDL.la\'

-: Drip doesn't use SDL, and no component should use that .la file. Might be a wrong binairy (avifile?) you're using, try installing from source code.

10. Are other OS's than Linux supported?

-: In principle Drip isn't for linux only, but for now it is. We're looking for people to get Drip multiplatform, please contact us when you want to pick this

11.  Audio is out-off-sync.

-: 1) Install library Avifile WITHOUT having libi lame installed, so avifile will install the bundled liblame. Check in /usr/local/lib/avifile,
you should have a libmp3lame_audioenc.so and NOT a libmp3lamebin_audioenc.so.

-: 2) You're creating a divx in multiple parts. Avifile doesn't creates the 2nd avi correctly. Set audio to 'auto' in Drip should fix this.

12.  Using Win32 dll library: divxc32f.dll makes Drip crash

-: We're looking into this issue, but it doesn't have a high priority. Dont use win32 based codecs, delete the win32 avifile plugin

13.   Undeclared avifile classes during compilation, like "avm undeclared".

-: Update avifile to lastest recommended avifile, or install from avifile CVS

14.  Audio of generated .avi sounds too low.

-: You've encoded the audio of the avi at 48000hrz, and are using OSS free audio drivers that are limited to 44100hrz playback. Use alsa of GPL driver.

More to come..

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