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Filters (plugins)
 Since version 0.8.1 Drip supports loading of plugins, or filters. The plugin system is rather simple,
but will be sufficient for most usages. Develloping new plugins is described in the Drip Plugin HOWTO.

 Latest Drip code has these plugins bundled. If you want more of them, start coding;)
test filter : A highly documented filter for develloping new ones.
logo filter : Filter which reads /tmp/logo.jpg and put it on the upper left corner of the output video.
colour filter : Filter to adjust colour setting.
B&W filter : Filter which strips out the colour from the video, leaving black & white.
volume filter : Audio filter, increases the volume.
noise filter : Audio filter, removes noise.
crystality filter : Audio filter, for remastering mp3 sound, original XMMS plugin by Rafal Bosak


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