Here is a screenshot sequence showing the usage of Drip.

Riping DVDs takes much time, so you might be interested in
seeing how I (the author) use the program. Some hints and numbers basically.

Ok, so let's backup the movie Pi by Darren Aronofsky.

Open a terminal and change to the diretory where you want to store the new rip:
Use a location where you can store the DVD contents, around 6Gb
change to terminal

Start 'drip'. Most of the text is from avifile-0.6, showing the plugins is has:
Also some drip messages, other messages are logged to ~/.drip.log.
drip startup

Drip starts and the GUI shows up (being a second unuable when the GUI and backend are connecting):
When you're starting Drip the first time (when there's no ~/.drip.cfg) a splash screen is shown.
Drip GUI

Go the Preferences and you'll get this dialog:
Check if Drip detected your DVDrom device correcly!

Go to the DIVX tab:
I suggest using the DVDdb and the hyperzoom.  They might give problems
so thats why they are disabled by default. Also use a width*height of around
500x400. DVDs have a higher resolution, but DIVX encoding gives much
better results at a lower resolution IN COMBINATION with the hyperzoom.
Just making the resolution smaller and not using this type of zoom wont help
the output anything. Also not resizeing wont enable the zoom...
Note the Heigth setting is a little more complex as the width, I suggest
setting it to -1 all the time, so it will be calculated based on the width
and the DVD aspect ratio. Disable 'Use DVD aspect' if you want the height
to become the value you entered!
The BitRate should be 800 minimum if you want to have good results for
movies, and 1500 is maximum. Somehow using higher numbers results into
lower bitrates, like if 1400 and 1600 are the same setting.
Mostly you'll store the generated DIVX file on CD, so use a chunk size that
equals the size of the cdroms you use.

The Encoding tab:
Change the cache location to where there's enough free space , around 6Gb.
Check ISO generation, might save some time, and try to leave the caching
to HD on, disable it only if you're in space shortage. You might disable the
deletion of the cache if you're trying out drip and dont want to wait for the
DVD to be read every time you exit Drip.

Drip (actually libifo) only detects the language name of the first audio
channel, so if you want another one you'll have to try them out ;(  The
subpictures are named correctly

Encoding process:
On my Athlon 800Mhrz machine I get results like shown: DVD caching
around 15min, when I optimize bios and Linux I could get much
The fraterate is around 5-6FPS when I hyperzoom to 500*400 and
dont use
subtitles. Using subtitles reduces the framerate by another
Plain encoding, without any zooming or spu's results in a framrate
of 10FPS. This short 80min movie is estimated to take more than 6 hours...

encoding process

Good luck,