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Read this carefull to get audio right
How to get Drip encode audio correctly
Drip makes use of Avifile to do the encoding, for both video and audio streams. Where video encoding is quite well done, audio is a little tricky to get right. There're 2 options: use the avifile bundled mp3lame plugin, or the plugin that loads a standalone mp3lame installation. See avifile documentation and\or configure script for how to setup these.
Drip names these plugins "Lame MPEG layer-3 encoder (runtime)" and "Lame MPEG layer-3 encoder". The runtime one is the standalone plugin of avifile, the non-runtime codec is the avifile bundled one .. ;)
Both these plugins have their limitations, so it depends on what you want to encode which one to use. The plugin making use of the bundled mp3lame can encode in variing bitrates, the standalone version can only do 128kbit. But the standalone plugin can handle multiple audio channels, where the bundled one screws up.
So basically use the 'bundled' MP3 plugin, unless you want to encode 2 audio channels. In that case use the Runtime codec, and set the bitrate to 128kb.
Note with current code you can't have both avifile plugins available at the same time. In that case avifile will always use the 'bundled' MP3 plugin. Simply (re-)move one of them from the avifile plugin directory before you start Drip. To make avifile use the selected plugin when both are available is on the TODO list;)

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